SoCal escapee heads north for fun, takes a liking to Naked

adam_carrv2Q – What do kite-boarding, mountain biking and rock climbing have in common with Naked Winery?

A – A love of each will lead eventually to Hood River.

So, all things in moderation to keep yourself happily tasting wine with Adam Carr, one of the newest faces in our Hood River tasting room.

Carr, like many immigrants to Hood River, came for the recreation. Born in the Southern California town of Ventura, he lived in — and surfed from — nearby Camarillo for years before heading north to the University of California at Santa Barbara.

He took his pharmacology degree to a gig in a pharmacy, but four years of that started to feel too much like … a job in a drug store.

“I decided to take a break,” he says.

And not go back, he might have added. He taught kite-boarding for awhile in the Dominican Republic, before turning his sights on Hood River.

“Kiting, biking and climbing brought me here,” he says. “I figured I’d fine a job when I got here.”

When did he get here?

“It was a Monday,” he says.

During his first few weeks in a Penetration T-shirt, Carr has come to appreciate the distinctly un-stuffy vibe of the Naked Winery crew.

“Saturday … or was it Sunday? No, it was Saturday; that was crazy,” he says. “Five or six bachelorette parties came through that day.”

Yes, he says, he met some bachelorettes.

It’s a tough job.

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