Divorce rate drops as Naked Winery sales rise. We’re crushin’ it!


If you’ve been around Naked Winery for very long, you know “We aim to tease!” and have a mission to cut America’s divorce rate in half by encouraging couples to connect nightly over a glass of wine.

It’s one thing to have a mission. It’s another thing to put the mission to the test: Is it working?

So we thought we’d do a little data dig. Data from the Oregon Health Authority shows a flat line on the divorce activity up to a spike in 2010 (probably stress from the Great Recession), followed by a reversion to norm and, actually, a downward trend in the last few years.

We compared divorce and marriage trends with trends for sales at Naked Winery since 2006, its first year with any sales to speak of.

From the graph above, you can see two things:

  • As Naked Winery has sold more wine, the divorce rate has gone down.
  • As Naked Winery has sold more wine, the marriage rate has gone up.

YESSSSSSS!!!! We’re winning! Drink more wine from Naked Winery!

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