Does getting Naked cause earthquakes? In Malaysia, perhaps

File under News of the Weird.

Until now, we at Naked Winery had missed the apparent connection between earthquakes and … getting Naked.

Stay with us here. Authorities in Malaysia have arrested five tourists from Canada (that figures), for stripping nude at the top of Mt. Kinabalu, six days before an earthquake sent boulders tumbling down its slopes. Authorities say the nudity ticked off the mountain spirit, which decided to show its ire by shaking things up.

Literally getting its rocks off, as it happened. Hey, mountains need sex, too.

We don’t mean to make light of the quake or its impact. Sixteen people died in the quake, and several are missing.

But we’re not above scratching our pointy little heads over the scientifically specious assertion that … getting Naked … somehow caused the quake.

In our experience, getting Naked has caused a lot of things, but never an earthquake.

So, please, tell us from your experience what sort of earth-moving experiences have closely followed your decision to get Naked. Just use the comment field, or pop us a note on our Facebook page.

BTW, use the #aftersex hashtag ONLY if  your experience didn’t involve geological catastrophe.

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