Naked Winery expands its reach with McMinnville tasting room

Chris Garvey introduces Jessica and James Gairrett to Naked Winery's whites.
Chris Garvey introduces Jessica and James Gairrett to Naked Winery’s whites.

James and Jessica Gairrett were exploring downtown McMinnville, Ore., on a recent Tuesday.

Originally from Montana, the Gairretts have lived in the Willamette Valley town of 33,000 since July 2014, so everything is a little new, and nothing more so than the space at 211 N.E. Third Street.


What’s there? Uh, that would be us, Naked Winery.

climax_buildv2You hadn’t heard? Sorry. We’re going to have to give CNN and the Associated Press a call.

McMinnville is a natural for Naked. It’s the largest town in the center of the Willamette Valley wine industry.

Now it’s home to the latest tasting room in Naked Winery’s quest to take over the world. Look out Starbucks, here we come.

Well, maybe not quite yet.

Today, McMinnville. Tomorrow? Stay tuned.

The Gairretts were Naked virgins, but suitably impressed with the white flight poured by Club Naked envoy Chris Garvey.

For all our fans and followers who live south and west of the Portland traffic jam, Naked Winery is happy to steer you toward this closer and more convenient option to our existing facilities in Hood River, Bend and South Dakota.

At least one alient is still hanging around for the Naked Winery merlot.
Still hanging around for the Naked Winery

Naked opened its McMinnville doors for the city’s oh-so-fun UFO Festival on May 14-17.

With all the final touches in place, the store is now open at 11 a.m. daily, closing 6 p.m. Sunday, 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and 9 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

The location is walking distance to some of McMinnville’s best dining, just a block or two from Thistle, Crescent Cafe, the venerable Nick’s Italian Cafe, La Rambla, Community Plate and Pura Vida.

Oh, yeah. There’s lots of wineries in the area, but there’s only one Naked Winery.




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