Adrenaline quest leads Laurie Rogers to Naked Winery tasting room

Laurie Rogers, wine server, coffee drinker and kayaker.
Laurie Rogers, wine server, coffee drinker and kayaker.

If you meet Laurie Rogers across the tasting room bar in Hood River, it’s OK to kid her a bit about what she would like to be doing if she wasn’t sharing the wonders of Naked’s wines.


Spend any time around her, and it becomes clear that one of our newest tasting room escorts is addicted to whitewater.

That figures, in an ironic sort of way. She spent her formative years as a competitive swimmer, growing up in Alaska and taking her laps to college in Wisconsin.

But those pools didn’t have much whitewater, which may suggest why Laurie has no desire to relive those days. Endless hours, going back and forth, staring at the black tiles on the bottom of the pool.


Nope, give Laurie a tumbling river, any day. Her life pretty much attests to that, since graduating the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a major in English and a double minor in anthropology and environmental studies.

At least the last field of study hints at her career direction. She has worked as a raft guide, on the Rogue River and Colorado, and in Chile.

She also has led outdoor experiential trips for youth groups, and worked in between adventure seasons as a restaurant server in Durango, Colorado; Lake Tahoe, Calif; and Hood River.

So when you’re next tasting wines in Hood River, ask her about her life on top of flowing water — and under it. It’s the source of her biggest smiles.